Durga Puja Date and Time

2016 Durga Puja Dates,Durga Puja Scheduls,Durgotsav Date Time

When is Durga Puja in 2016. 2016 Durga Puja dates in North India and 2016 Durga Puja Date in West Bengal (Kolkata). 2016 Durga Puja calendar showing the 2016 Shardiya Navratri dates.

Durga Puja Scheduls,Durgotsav Date Time
Durga Puja Day One – 01 October 2016, Saturday

Pratipada or Ghatasthapana or Kalash Puja
Shailputri Puja
Durga Puja – 02 October 2016, Sunday

Chandra Darshan Tithi
Durga Puja Day Two – 03 October 2016, Monday

Dwitiya Puja
Brahmacharini Puja
Durga Puja Day Three – 4 October 2016, Tuesday

Tritiya Puja or Chandraghanta Puja or Sindoor Tritiya Day
Durga Puja Day Four – 5 October 2016, Wednesday

Chaturthi Puja or Kushmanda Puja
Varad Vinayaka Chauth and Upang Lalita Vrat will be also be celebrated on this day.
Durga Puja Day Five – 6 October 2016, Thursday

Panchami Puja or Skandamata Puja
Durga Puja Day Six – 7 October 2016, Friday

Shashthi Puja or Katyayani Puja
Saraswati Awahan
Bilva Nimantran or Kalparambha, Akal Bodhon or Amantran and Adhivas Puja is celebrated on this day (as per the Bengali Panjika/Calendar)
Durga Puja Day Seven – 8 October 2016, Saturday

Saptami Puja or Kalaratri Puja
Navpatrika Puja or Kolabou Puja (as per the Bengali Panjika/Calendar)
Durga Puja Day Eighth – 9 October 2016, Sunday

Ashtami Puja or Maha-Ashtami Puja or Mahagauri Puja

Ashtami Anjali Time
Sandhi Puja, Kumari Puja and Saraswati Puja (as per the Bengali Panjika/Calendar)
Durga Puja Day Nine – 10 October 2016, Monday

Maha Navami Puja
Ayudha Puja and Durga Balidan (as per the Bengali Panjika/Calendar)
Durga Puja Day Tenth – 11 October 2016, Tuesday

Dashami Puja, Durga Visarjan, Vijayadashami
Sindoor Utsav (as per the Bengali Panjika/Calendar)
Durga Puja – West Bengal (Kolkata)

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In West Bengal calendar, Durga Puja is celebrated for 6 days. West Bengal Durga Puja is known as Durgotsav and refers to six days observed as Mahalaya, Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Nabami and Vijayadashami.
Durga Puja in West Bengal starts on:
21, Ashshin 1423 (Bengali Calendar)

Kumari Puja in Belur Math

7 October 2016, Friday
Shashthi Puja
Bilva Nimantran, Kalparambha, Akal Bodhon and Amantran and Adhivas Puja
Durga Puja in West Bengal is known as Durgotsava and is observed for five days.

Durga Puja Date and Time

Durga Puja – An Indian Hindu Festival

Durga Puja or Bengalis’ Durgotshab, is that the most superb twelve month party in West Bengal, mostly inside the western district of Asian state. Beginning with Mahalaya or Debipokkho (Fortnight of the Goddess) this astonishing party takings till the inundation of the Durga star i.e. on Vijaya Dashami. In spite of the very truth this farfamed party is 5-day long nevertheless the love requires a flying start weeks previous. Mahalaya, the no-moon morning(amavyasa) of the month of Ashwin, imprints the start of the Durga puja celebrations. In those days six-days later, the Durgotshob starts with Panchami (fifth day) and closes with Dashami (tenth day). In spite of the very truth that the theory events starts from your seventh day from Mahalaya, that’s from Saptami, for your mass, the party starts from your sixth day (Maha Shasti). For these six times, geographic region and Bengalis appeal themselves during a week long affair party sealed by unbound fun, bypass and selfish. Get more information about Durga Puja 2016

The attendant articles hash out} about traditions and the cultures of the Durga Puja that is traditional. Within the function that so long as you’re thoughtful once is Durga Puja 2016, then it truly is to show you that inside the not hence distant future, Durga Puja starts from 7th Oct, 2016 and closes on 11th Oct, 2016.

Maha Shashti ~ instep together with the Hindu mythology, on nowadays, lord Durga from her airy adobe goes to our planet, registered by her four children. Enthusiasts on this earth respects the Heavenly Mom together with incredible pageantry and the Butea monosperma beats. On nowadays of uncovering the element of the image, the custom is completed that’s known as the most important custom of the day. This encounter uncovering custom is copied by another critical events like Amontron Bodhon and Adhibas. eventually the theory Durga puja starts. Get more information about http://tharly.hpage.com/

Maha Saptami ~ historically Saptami is known as the 1st day of Durga Puja. Nabapatrika or Kola -Bou, is given a lucky shower once sunlight hug the outer lining of the planet’s major supports. In those days the pine-goddess is holding a yellow silk saree with a city district that is crimson and it is location from the element of Master Hindu deity. Thusly, the custom of devoted of 9 varieties of flowers is completed. These 9 varieties of flowers ar favorite as 9 separate avatars of Durga. Mahasnan and once this Kalparambha, Dhegiha Saptami puja starts.

Maha Ashtami ~ the next morning is Dhegiha Ashtami that starts with string heavenly psalms from language scriptures. Many persons engage during this speech and supply Gods and the Goddesses with Anjali. This is Associate in Nursing excessively farfamed part of the complete puja. Kumari Puja or affectionate young girls as Hindu deity Maa is presumably the foremost remarkable part of the traditions executed on nowadays. Associate in Medical alternative key part of Durga Puja i.e. connection Puja is completed inside the night of Dhegiha Ashtami. Once Dhegiha Ashtami closes Sandhikhhon is actually a reason for your time and Dhegiha Navami starts. Many diyas ar lit-up, hom- as it represent the providing of the bovine heart ruler yajna is perfomed.

Maha Navami ~ The time of Durga Puja is Dhegiha Navami. The turn of connection Puja represents Dhegiha Navami’s start. By task Dhegiha Arti the minister posesses correct end of Durga Puja’s religious cultures. Irrespective of is left of the day watches fun around and cardinal competition the traditional people. Bhog is accessible towards Goddesses and the Gods. A moment later, all as Dhegiha Prasad shares this bhog.

Vijaya Dashami ~ The Wisdom and last Day of Durga Puja, Dashami is actually a day once everyone suggests aurevoir towards the Mom lord with an incredible heart. Dashami offers town during a dark tone of redness of sindur involving the melancholic beats of dhaak and dense smoke of dhuno, Hindu deity Durga comes home to her excellent adobe. The tearful bye bye is known to be Visarjan. To your riverside, Durga and her children ar’s designs carried during this amazing send-off to drench it inside the water. Once this wetting run persons welcome one another nice Bijaya desires.

Today, this carnivalesque competition of Durga Puja may be viewed in distinct components of the entire world. The Bengali communities abroad construct it awareness of applaud this lavish party with vivification and vim. It holds some homesick minutes in their adolescence times. Assumptive which you ar one UN company is satisfied abroad and much from your family in Asian state on Durga Puja verify you deliver several endowments to state online and depart this world the actual desires. Confidence these sweet remembrances by causation Durga Puja joys for your relatives and buddies in Asian state. The most effective on-line festival.org.in, benefit access delivers you an interesting deposition of Durga Puja amazing benefit items from that you’ll not be unable to decide and deliver endowments to state.

Recognizing the whooping array of Indians currently being satisfied abroad, festival.org.in on top of that expedites e-gifting to places as North American country, US and Great Britain. Ship endowments through pageant.org.in or even to any places to US or even to Great Britain. Hence send delights to US wrapped with Durga Puja needs. Enable material limitations of regions and separation blur; specific the darkest feelings of the guts.

Activities embody the affluent social inheritance of gifting and Asian state is a securely linked part of all parties. This Durga Puja, happen the soul that is extensive everywhere and deliver endowments through pageant.org.in!

Durga Puja – An Indian Hindu Festival